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 Motivation-Performance,Success 1.0


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Top quality Binaural Beats combined with relaxing ambient music.

As world-renowned brainwave specialist, The Unexplainable Store® has been providing brainwave entrainment since the year 2000. All the brainwaves are meticulously created with the latest brainwave entrainment technology.

Part One-Motivation
· Achievement

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a greater success? Do you often feel your life has more potential than is being realized? Motivation is the key to leading a more successful life. When we dream, we're actually thinking about the world that actually could exist in our future. Our minds often start strong, focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, and how to make things "work." The unfortunate truth is, after a few days, hours, or minutes of living out the 'success' we could soon enjoy, self doubt starts to creep in. Sometimes it comes in the form of words, "That'll never happen," or "Is it really worth it?" This feeling robs us of success we fought so hard for in the early days. Now it's possible to break that feeling down to size and start living a more successful life!

Our program has found the key. We will guide you back to those initial feelings of problem solving and focus on them, getting rid of that mental block and boosting your drive to succeed!

Your body and mind will be resonating on frequencies which promote success and increase motivation. You will feel the effects the very first time you listen.

Part Two-Manifestation
· Manifestation

The simplest proof of the concept of manifest thinking is "If A equals B, then everything true of A will naturally also be true of B." In other words, if you're a successful person, you're naturally going to think of yourself in a successful way. But what happens if you keep thinking of yourself in an unsuccessful way, and can't stop it? Motivational thinkers will tell you it's just a matter of "Thinking positively," and there is something to that, but you also need to make sure the right part of your brain is getting the message.

As long as you stay positive, and take advantage of opportunities, you will enjoy a complete lifestyle improvement. Keep in mind you want to focus on the positive. Imagine what you want ahead of time, so you know exactly what to go for after the treatment is done.

The manifestation recording uses two powerful key frequencies in the theta zone. Visualize success as you listen.

Part Three-Prosperity
· Path to Success
· Reaching Out

Money is a mindset. There's a reason people who have money find it easier to acquire more. It's not necessarily that money generates more money, but rather that those who know how to make money are in that 'mode' of thinking and find it easier to continue to do. Brainwave entrainment immediately shifts your consciousness so you can start thinking of new ways to get money flowing to you right away!

Motivate yourself, act for yourself, and believe in yourself. You can make a difference in your own life. Never let doubt hold you back. Great people don't let doubt lead them down the path of inaction and failure. Act now and start your new life today!

- Enhance cognitive ability
- Heighten your mood

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*** NOTE
Every person's brain works differently, but on the same basic principles. Some minds are more open to suggestion, while others refuse to let go. As each recording is specifically designed for a certain purpose, effects on individuals differ. Just be aware that your mind wants what you want. It takes some time to really feel effects, so don’t give up if you fail to reach where you would like to be after the first try. Also, headphone is highly recommended.
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