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 Neural Networks for Java 1.7.1


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Neural Networks for Java will teach you the basics to understand artificial neural networks and how to build an artificial neural network with Java.
At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to write your own AI(artificial intelligence) with artificial neural networks using Java or any other language you like.
5000+ lines of source code and many lessons are waiting for you.

Tutorial 1: What are neural networks?
Tutorial 2: How does a neural network work?
Tutorial 3: Build a neural network.
Tutorial 4: Genetic algorithm
Tutorial 5: Backpropagation

The tutorial is in English, but every major step about artificial neural networks is explained with images.

The source code of 3 projects is available in Java. Additionally, you can get a Java framework to build and train artificial neural networks using backpropagation or a genetic algorithm.

Framework: easily build artificial neural networks and train them.
Source code 1: GUI application used for displaying a neural network.
Source code 2: The EvoBots project is an evolution simulator, where bots, controlled by a neural network, try to survive.
Source code 3: The number guesser project. An artificial neural network learns to recognise digits using backpropagation.
Totally over 5000 lines of source code that are well documented and easy to use.
Get the java source code to learn how to build artificial neural networks by looking at my source code.

Artificial intelligence is the future, start learning how artificial neural networks work!
It is a must have study for engineering, computer science, software engineering and other cognitive science students. It also going to be extremely important for mechanical, Automotive & electrical engineering students and Professionals.

What you can do with my artificial neural network:
->evolution simulators
->solve regression problems

This app may be useful for students with a basic understanding of artificial neural networks. It illustrates well how neural networks work and how to build a neural network.

Get Neural Networks for Java now!
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