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 Ninja Girl City Rescue Mission : Lava Floor 1.0


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Ninja girl city rescue mission : Lava Floor

Are you ready to play a dangerous floor Is lava challenge game where you as a superhero ninja shadow battle warrior save the people from this. This ground Is lava challenge game has an interesting and furious task by throwing your spinner and search the people on the map who are in need of the help. The people on New York roads screaming and shouting and lot of mess is created by lava so be as a great survival & martial art fighting hero stop all this and bring people are not safe planet and be real city Hero.

Bruner the girl act as a shadow women ninja warrior when people are in need of help. In his childhood he was very helping and helped everyone by his quick approach. The people will liked him very much. And he also like to help the people and feel happiness. One day accidentally the huge destruction took place. The lava is burst from the floor. Everyone gets scared and could not be able to shift into other place. The women ninja warrior survival fighter came to know about the situation and urgently ready in get up of a  ultimate ninja warrior shadow fighter. as a kai kung fu mafia fighter he gets extra power and courage to help the people. The people were shouting ask for the help. The children were crying and there is no other way to escape except take the help from the women ninja hero. Now you as women
ninja hero hero play this game and save the people from emergency saturation so you play many of rescue games
such like animal attack games,amazing action games,flying robot rescue games but in this game you as ninja warriors save citizens of vic crime town and be a emergency Hero. Legendary Hero Run,lava city attack but this game
takes you on other world of entrainment emergency driver sim city hero but in this you run for other lives.Map Challenge for lava map games and lava is challenge the ground Is lava challenge.

There is lava all around on the floor and people hide in their homes so in this game you enjoy also running so many of the runner games such as New York city run ,Crime Run,The ninja women hero come floor is real lava
and throw his spinner and take the family in a helicopter and drop them in the save place. This is much difficult to reach where the people needs help. So look at the map and find the people who are in danger. Quickly and by using your powers of a ninja women hero go to that destination by long jumps and carried the people and drop them on their desired destination. This is not all about saving people but also cross the difficulties occurring in their path. The level of the lava gradually increasing and speed of flowing lava is also on its peak. The one hurdle is that the power given to the ninja hero is for some time. After some time his powers will be vanished and he becomes an ordinary man. So the people as quickly as you can so that you will satisfied from your work and save yourself and people.

There is limited time to complete the level you play such like muscle driving game& crime car driver game & vegas speed city game & ninja town runner game but this game is different from other game so you and if you hit by the splash of the lava your skin will be burnt and your power will decreased step by step. Carefully and efficiently play this ninja Hero: Lava Floor. As the level completed you will get an advantage of time and your powers will stay for a long time. Use your technical skills and cognitive skills because as a ninja hero your mental level also improved and you think far more better than an ordinary person.

So are ready to accept this challenge and make your life adventurous? If not then play one of the level you will be addictive to this
Ninja girl city rescue mission : Lava Floor features
Amazing colours
Realistic character
3D graphics
Zoom incamera
Exciting and enthusiastic game
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