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 Nizampur Premier League 1.0

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Nizampur Cricket and History

1985 - Cricket had started this year in Nizampur Division. In fact, because cricket was very new at that point of time, certain villages in Nizampur region were involved in the Tournament and the Tournament was played in 12 overs.

As the years have passed, cricket's status has also been rising.
In 2005, a record was registered in the Nizampur division cricket history & that record was none other than Aantargaon Cricket Association. This made the whole division feel the Cricket Craze & they started going to the communities wherein the Tournament was previously held in certain villages & then Cricket was celebrated as a festival in the same way.

New Concept
Considering the Tournament across towns and the love of cricket between players and sports person, the main objective of this is to provide them with the right platform and through this medium they bring their skills to everyone.

2015 In this golden year, a new concept was born to change the picture of Nizampur cricket, and that concept is nothing but the identity of all of us, Nizampur Premier League that houses in everyone’s hearts.

ø Creating one's sentiments among all the players in the Nizampur division
ø Creating platform to players, Commentators, Umpires, Scorers & Coaches to showcase their skills
ø Modernization and publicity of cricket in Nizampur division
ø To enhance skills of Players by allotting them Coach & Support Staff
ø To bring the talent in Nizampur division to a stage and create affection
ø From the common man to various politicians, social and educational background
ø People from all walks of life to a one stage

Format of the Tournament
ø Making a quality pitch available
ø Obtainability of good quality grounds
ø Tents for the Team Players
ø Sections for Commentators & Strategic Teams
ø Audience Tent
ø Of the 900 to 1000 players From Nizampur division, 150 quality players get selected for the NPL
ø After auditioning the performance of the players, they are allocated in categories and then to teams.
ø Combo – new Pattern launched this Year (2017) wherein we have distributed 7 players in each team, which means 70 players distributed in 10 teams on basis of their performances.
ø The remaining 80 players will get bifurcated in the various teams with the help of a draw system.
ø The 10 Teams will further be divided in 2 Groups with the assistance of draw system.
ø All matches are played by Playoffs method (Exp. IPL Pattern)
- Awards
- Winner’s Trophy
- Second Place
- Third Place
- Man Of The Match
- Orange Cap
- Purple Cap
- Best Fielder
- Man Of The Series

Features of the Nizampur Premier League:
ø Live score update
ø Live video
ø Tournament stats
ø Points table
ø Teams and players info
ø Gallery
ø Notification alerts
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