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 Noorani Qaida in URDU Part 1 (audio) 4.0.0


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Learn Noorani Qaida without a tutor. Just give your one hour daily and learn it. Noorani Qaida is very first book to understand how to read holy Quran from beginning.

It is for persons who know URDU language. Any body wants to learn Arabic can use it to learn basics of Arabic words. It is easy to use. just scroll the pages and click and Listen.

it has sound for each words in all 10 chapters.
It also has a matching game for alphabets.
It has sound of Maulana Mohammad Haleem Khan, Madina Masjid, Rajajipuram, Lucknow.

You can disable ad and sound can work without any internet if you purchase in-app via "Disable Ad" button from very first screen. its cost is only INR 25.

We want to develop this app in all other world languages so that people from other parts of world can benefit from it easily. But we do not have enough money for this future work. So please support us by "Disable Ad" button from first screen and take part in this work.

Noorani Qaida is commonly used in South Asian countries in URDU schools. A better gift for your Muslim kids on their mobile.

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It has the following chapters.
- Single letters, random letters,, huruf murakkab, match game, vowel marks
- Murakkab, Practice
- Harkat, zabar, zair, paish, Question Answer
- Letters of maddah, alif maddah, yaa maddah, waw maddah, vertical zabar, vertical zair, inverted paish
- Leen alphabets, yaa leen, waw leen
- Mask harkat, letters of maddah, leen alphabets
- Tanween, double zabar, double zair, double paish
- Tanween and noon sakin
- Izhaar
- Ikhfa
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