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OmniLocate Deletes Uncertainty, Deletes Stress. Simplify Life!

The uncertainty embedded in mundane activities of everyday life creates stress and erodes us over time. The “intezaar (wait)” for our loved one(s) when they are physically away from us causes anxiety. Being with our loved ones at all times, without being intrusive, is a smart way of removing uncertainty prevailing in our rather complicated multi-tasked life. In doing so, we remove stress: We are able to plan our time better, relax, be less intrusive and improve relationships.

Surely you have said to your loved ones, at least one of the following:
1. When will you be back? Call me when you get there, just so I know you're okay.
2. It's not that I don't trust you; it's that I don't trust everyone else.
3. Grandma, don’t go too far for your walk….. (so that you don’t forget your way back).

On other occasions, when you have not said the above, you have worried silently; you have avoided calling your loved one’s (or their guardian’s) phone either to avoid distracting them or to protect yourself from being tagged “annoyingly intrusive” or to avoid a conflict situation. Silently, you have watched the clock ticking and wondered:
1. When will our daughter be back from work? How far is she from home?
2. Did my daughter reach the tuition (or school) safely in the taxi (or school bus)?
3. Did my son reach the football ground on time; I don’t want to call the driver each time?
4. During out-station or international field visits, it will be great to know where our child is at this moment without needing to make International calls each time.

OmniLocate Guardian App simplifies life by giving more time back to both working and stay-at-home caregivers. It helps to share care-giving responsibility by using state of the art GPS (or mobile phone tower) technology, Active Health Sensors, Mobile connectivity and Social Messaging available in OmniLocate wearables and Android mobile phones.
1. Get location of the loved one through the day in real-time.
2. One-touch messaging to your loved through in-app ping-taps.
3. Get automatic alert messages on Notifications, Email and SMS when your loved ones:
a. Activates 1-touch SOS or Emergency button.
b. Enters or Exits pre-specified boundaries (for school, tuition, office, sports ground etc.).
c. When Battery is Low.
d. When Speed Limits are exceeded.
4. Create a “Trust Circle” of family and friends to assist you in taking care of your loved ones even when you are traveling. Sharing the responsibility helps reduce stress.
5. Real-time tracking of basic health information: steps walked, distance, calories.
6. Complete Multi-Layer Privacy Control to suit your individual requirements.
7. Adding multiple family members or siblings on the same platform can make life management easy.

In essence, daily, Omnilocate Simplifies Life!

The OmniLocate Android wearable watch or any Android mobile phone with GPS will require access to:
1. Locations (Wi-Fi or GPS or other Location methods)
2. Access Internet
3. Read SMS
4. Start or Accept Phone Calls (when SOS button is pressed)

If you need assistance with setting the app up or have questions/suggestions you can review our FAQ section and reach our tech support on website and portal, or email us at
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