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Your goal is to keep the trains going for as long as possible.

In the first game you accelerate a handcar by klicking on either the right or the left side of the screen at the right time. Hitting obstacles on the rails slows the handcar down and if it is too slow the handcar might get hit by a big train.

In the second game you have to avoid a steam train from overheating and exploding by turning the wheels in the right direction as fast and synchronously as possible with the red rods.

In the third game the tram's speed is decided by the amount of connections between a cable and the train. Avoid colliding with cars as long as they are directly in front or behind the train.

In the fourth game you have to make a high-speed train reach the post ahead by swiping on the train from right to left. But not every part of the train can make it faster and open doors make the train slower.

In the fifth game you don't control the freight train but what it transports. The goal here is to deliver two of the same goods wagons. Make the train transport a wagon by swiping on the wagon from up to down. Avoid missing wanted cargo or having the train transport two different types of wagons.
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