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Introducing the world first android professional clinic-based visual acuity test.

For eye care specialists, convert your smart phone or -preferrably- tablet to a 4,000$ worth visual aquity examination device. Use it in your clinic, home visits or anywhere you like. It's a portable chart projector replacement. With all test charts (Landolt-C, Thumbling E, Alphabetic, Numerical, Illeterate), Astigmatism chart, Duochrome test and much more.
*Beta feature: Use another smart phone as a remote control for the tablet you use as a projector.

For anyone else, use the automated system to measure your visual acuity with the same process your ophthalmologist use in his clinic. All you need is to hold your phone in front of a mirror and move your hand according to the signs shown in the test process. Remember your last visual exam by a physician? ;)
This app is based on the scientific algorithms along with the related medical aspects to introduce to you the most accurate test on the web. You can use it to Test your visual acuity, your children's, your relatives' and anyone you care about.

And it won't get better without your feedback. So, you're welcome to send us your feedback, suggestions, bugs reports in the "Contact us" menu.
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    4. 11. 2017 2017-11-04

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