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When we say 'Progressive,' we mean it.
If elected to government in our first year in Office we would have trimmed the Cabinet to seven Ministers, would have decentralised power to the local government authorities and funded them to take care of their own roads and infrastructure, green spaces, schools, RHA's and utilities, and refocused central government on running the country. We would have begun the process of erecting the maritime security wall and engaged the stakeholders in a conversation to make all schools ten year schools to abolish the SEA.
Regional health Care centres would be upgraded to full 24 hour Accident and Emergency and would each be outfitted with at least one ambulance for emergency response.
All state companies not deemed essential would be sold, the HDC would be shut down and the Unit Trust, FCB and the Home Mortgage Bank would be jointly used to offer a facility to first time home owners mortgages up to half a million dollars at zero down, zero interest so that even minimum wage earners can purchase a home.
My AG would have brought new legislation to Parliament including Bills to decriminalise marijuana, to ban the sale and use of fireworks outside of specific periods in specific locations, and we would have adopted an animal Bill of Rights.
The Legislature would be separated from the Executive (no MP would be appointed as a minister), and MP's would have only two functions outside of law making - overseeing their constituencies, and serving on oversight committees.
The Central Marketing Agency would be given a mandate to make T&T food self sufficient in five years, and given the tools to accomplish that.
We would have begun the process of creating a universal health care system of contributory insurance that would replace NIS, and persons earning minimum wage would be spared the contribution.
Hospitals would be privatised and paid by that insurance plan, slashing the five billion dollar burden on the state every year while offering first world health care including dental and eye care.
We would create protected and dedicated bicycle lanes and reward businesses who provide showers and lockers for employees who choose healthier modes of transport to and from work.
We would bring legislation to curtail bars in residential communities serving alcohol beyond midnight so as to allow citizens peaceful enjoyment of their homes.
The Plastic Bottle Bill would be brought to Parliament creating a tax on every plastic bottle sold that would be used as a reward or a redemption for those who collect them and bring them to collection sites where they would be reduced to be recycled in downstream industry. This would also offer a new and steady income to those currently unemployable.
We would move towards practical traffic solutions on a case by case situation, but as schools would be zoned within the first term traffic would be expected to decrease naturally.
The police service would be given a proper training academy, police officers would be given incentives and bonuses for performance, raises and promotions commensurate with further education, and proper facilities from which to operate.
The National Operations Centre would be brought back and expanded to provide monitoring of fire, medical and police response.
Finally, the big ticket promised item of moving ALL government offices out of Port of Spain would have begun, and construction of that 'new' city in the centre of the country implemented.
These items are not the usual wild list of fancy promises the other political parties are known for making but hardly ever deliver, but some of what we will be offering as part of our larger 'Contract with Trinidad & Tobago,' which would include timelines for delivery, estimated budgets and other incidentals important to delivery.
If you would like to hear more or add your voice to ours, join us at our first gathering of the Progressive Empowerment Party.
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