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 Persian to English Speaking 28.0

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* This free application helps you to learn English easily.
* You can learn spoken English in just a few hours.
* This is an English speaking course for learning English easily.
* English conversation can be easy if you go through the chapters properly.
* And if you are wondering how to learn English, this app on English language can help you do so.
* This app has a chapter on English vocabulary as well.
* If you are looking forward to learning English online it is better that you initially start with this application.
* There is also a chapter on English pronunciation.
* There are simple English words as well, in one of the lessons which you can find helpful.
* Learn English phrases and idioms easily.
* This free application is a Persian to English speaking tutorial.
* If you are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be a good beginning.
* Learn English using Persian with effective English listening in Offline mode using top techniques.
* This app uses best practices in teaching English.
* You can learn how to speak English fluently.
* Speaking English with Persian is easy.
* This can also be useful for those who are seeking to join BPO or Call center.
* Also if you want to participate in English discussions and debates, you can begin with this application.
* This application uses both text and voice audio to teach English the proper way.
* Learning English grammar could be easier if you initially get to know these basics.
* Learn to speak English fluently with Persian.
* Also if you are preparing for an English interview, spend some time learning the tools provided here.
* An excellent beginning for a Persian speaking person.
* Start learning these English lessons and improve your English knowledge with this application which is for beginners.
* These English practice lessons and tutorials will make you comfortable in improving you English skills.
* Learn English using Persian language and acquire the skills which are are looking to achieve.
* You will learn some basics of English which is important to understand before you start learning professional English.
* Learn English Speaking using a very easy and simple English Speaking Course which you can use for teaching yourself Persian to English speaking.
* This is an excellent Persian to English Speaking tutorial that utilizes a real gradual teaching methodology with appreciable interactive English audio sessions for each of the given six specific chapters.
* Here, you are systematically coached to start getting command over English language as you complete each and every English lesson that you take.
* For confident, fluent English learning and speaking use this simple and easy app that provides function to record your very own English exercise sessions. This you can do in your own voice for all lessons. You can then save audio files for future reference.
* A Persian speaking person could also want to go through the chapters that are completely interactive. This app can be coaching you throughout so that you can gain more English knowledge as you get to learn speaking English language with command.
* Every Persian to English learning lesson or chapter is provided with solid quality information. This will ensure that your own English speaking fluency gets more enhanced.
Here are the steps that show how you can use this application:
** You get to have Text Based Persian to English Learning
** Also, Audio Based Persian to English Learning is provided
** You can store and save your own voice recordings that can be used for future reference. You can then track your improvement in English language against each exercise.
** There are six different chapters that are used separately for different scenarios.
** Hence you can learn how to speak English fluently. This English language learning application can be used by those users who are preparing for:
* BPO or Call Center or English Discussions
* Also use this app for debates as well as English job interview.
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