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 Photo Auto Snapper Free 1.83

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Looking for an automated photo taker at your next BBQ?
Want to create a time lapse video of wild life in your backyard?
Interested in documenting a road trip with periodic, unattended photos?
Care to monitor your home while you are away?
Or, are you a shy model searching for an auto selfie tool?

Then, Photo Snapper may be worth checking out.

Photo Snapper is a powerful, light-weight, ad-free app that programs your Android phone to take photos at regular intervals.

Photo Snapper, aka Photomatic, AutoPhoto or SafetyCam, comes in two versions. This Free version is aimed at letting you test the app on your phone (because of the variety of Android hardware and software, it is quite impossible to guarantee smooth functioning on a specific device without actually running it). If you like Photo Snapper, buy the unfettered version for $0.99 ... or continue using the free version :)

Here's Photo Snapper's resume:
Light-weight, by design
Runs with the phone screen off
Photos show up in the built-in app, Gallery, or in Pictures if viewing via a USB connection
A number of options, including
* Camera tweaks (resolution, flash, white balance, focus)
* Time interval (min. 15 seconds)
* Option for "warning" ring 2 seconds before snap (with ringtone selection)
* Alert option to help prevent theft (try Reggae Horn)

Did I say "light-weight"? On a typical phone, it has run uninterrupted for over 9 hours during which it took nearly 200 medium-high resolution photos while draining just 15% of the battery (from 100% to 85%).

More details & limitations:
This Free version is limited to 20 photos per session (just press Start again to continue taking photos)
Use the Gallery (built-in app) to view photos. Or, try Quickpic (Google Play)
Photos will be stored within the Pictures folder of either your SD card (if available) or internal storage
Photo Snapper will not automatically make a time lapse video; use one of the many apps available
Photo Snapper does not offer posting to social media; again, use one of the many apps available
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