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100+ Photoshop keyboard shortcuts app, gives you the Default shortcut keys in Photoshop.

Welcome to Photoshop keyboard shortcut app this app gives you the Default keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop to save your time and using this Photoshop Shortcut Keys to Finish your work as an lightening speed

Photoshop Software is one of the finest Photo editing software in all over the world it take more time to finish the works But you when you know the short way to select tools ,Menus and buttons then it is easy and great to do such jobs . Photoshop Shortcut Key App provides you more shortcut keys for Photoshop

One of Adobe Photoshop’s strengths is that it makes extensive use of keyboard shortcuts, it’s difficult to click the buttons and menus every time you needl. So, here you may find 100+ Shortcut keys for Adobe Photoshop easy for you to reduce and save the time and also finished your works as an correct time.

All Shortcut keys are available for Photoshop:

Draw Marquee from Center
Add to a Selection
Subtract from a Selection
Intersection with a Selection
Make Copy of Selection w/Move tool
Make Copy of Selection when not in Move tool
Move Selection (in 1-pixel Increments)
Move Selection (in 10-pixel Increments)
Select all Opaque Pixels on Layer
Restore Last Selection
Feather Selection
Move Marquee while drawing selection
Create new layer
Select non-contiguous layers
Select contiguous layers
Delete Layer
View contents of layer mask
Temporarily turn off layer mask
Clone layer as you move it
Find/Select layer containing object
Change layer opacity
Cycle down or up through blend modes
Change to a specific blend mode
Switch to layer below/above current layer

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys with amazing host features:

More Useful Keyboard shortcut reference for Photoshop
Easy sharing of Adobe Photoshop keys with friends and family via Social media
Add your important Photoshop shortcut keys to favorite list.
we also provide the shortcut keys with audio manner
Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and Tablets.
User friendly and it can work in Offline mode as well.
it's very flexible layout and every shortcut are supported
Clear font and size

This is very useful app for learning of Adobe Photoshop shortcut keys.
By learning shortcut keys you can save time and become more productive than ever.
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