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We apologize, but float values are currently not working, because the API we used to retrieve those values has been shut down.

Trade CS:GO skins with prices and float values shown just by tapping on items! You will no longer have to switch through various websites and have to use website layouts not optimized for small screens.

To cover your CS:GO trading needs the app includes a built-in market and inventory browser with dashboard where you can put your favorite items and get notified about their price change. You might find these features useful even if you don't trade and just want to browse market for example.

- Trade CS:GO skins with other users and get notified about comments on your trade offers
- Advanced trade offer search, find items you want or offer and choose what text should description include or exclude
- Check float values and prices of CS:GO skins directly in the app just by tapping on them
- Choose currency and check prices in keys, for example: "$5.12 (2 keys)"
- View inventory with prices, float values and track inventory value history
- Browse items on market and use price notifications to get notified when price changes by a certain threshold
- Put your favorite items on dashboard to check their price changes right when you open the app

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Does this app only support CS:GO skins?
A: It supports also Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items.

Q: How to bump trade offers?
A: You can bump trade offers once in 4 hours, tap on your trade offer and tap the button with arrow in top right corner.

Q: How to add or remove favorite items to dashboard?
A: Use the market browser to search for an item, tap on it and after it loads, tap the star icon in the top right corner to toggle favorite item, then go to dashboard and the item should appear there.

Q: How to setup price notifications?
A: After you add favorite item(s), go to dashboard, tap on the item and choose "Setup price notifications".

Q: Where can I find and track inventory value history?
A: Load an inventory in the inventory viewer, open the menu in top right corner and tap "Overview". At first you most likely won't find any inventory value history there, a graph should appear when you open the screen for the second time if your inventory value has changed.

We use "Sign in through Steam" to identify users and we understand your password security concerns, so we implemented an external sign in your browser app, just like you would sign in to a website!

Powered by Steam. This app is not affiliated with Steam or Valve. Valve and Steam are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.
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