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Life is a run. There are good things and then there are bad ones. Satan is right behind you at all times and he means no good. If you are a true prayboy, you will battle your temptations, fend off the evil and choose only the good and pure things.

Prayboy runs through the deserts and the villages, just trying to live his life, be a good boy and chill out. While he knows that the satan is right behind his back, the allure of this world can be challenging. However, no matter how pretty and cool the evil things may seem, they are no good and must be avoided.

So feel free to eat and drink from what is pure and recognise the evil when you see it. The evil comes in many shapes and forms, but there are some which are devil's favourite. Many times the evil lurks in seduction of a non-mahram woman roaming around town. The temptations may come as time-wasters and intoxicants. So be sure to avoid that sheesha and wine when you see it for all it will do is destroy your health and make you take the decisions which you will regret the next morning. And that little piggy... ewww!

You must also avoid a bearded man who claims to be a muslim and likes to blow things up. Yes, that is a terrorist and he is nothing more but a misguided dude and satan's pawn.

Beside the dilemmas and debates about halal and haram, common sense is a virtue accepted by almost everyone. So try not to crash into a cactus or a barrel.

So be a good boy, take God's name and don't give the devil any chance to be happy and joyous. And yes, don't overthink about how the satan looks. Nobody has ever seen him really so we decided to be innovative about it.
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