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Prayer video is for all devotees according to their caste, religion or language. Prayer videos collection is in all different languages of State or Country. Prayer is done all types of people in the world at time such as Morning, Afternoon, Night, etc.

Other names of prayer are Prathana, Namaz, Pooja, Puja, Archana etc. of various religion and caste. All people of different types of religious and worship to God in their method or way.

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Bhagwan Swaminarayan Prayer
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Prayer Song before Eating
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Lord Krishna Prayers
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Guru Prayer
Kuwait Prayer
New Year Prayer
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Opening Prayer
Prayer Song for Functions
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Prayer Song Lyrics
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Thanksgiving Prayer
Prayer Day
Request Prayer
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Prayer Song HD
Peace Prayer
Prayer Song Meaning
Prayer Nature Song
Universal Prayer
Prayer Songs for School
Prayer Song before Meals
Prayer Song and Lyrics
Prayer Song for All Religions

Prayer Song God Our Father
Prayer for World Peace
Prayer Song Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
Punjabi Prayer Song Ek Omkar
Prayer Song English Lyrics
Prayer Song for Farewell
Prayer Lakshmi
Yoga Prayer

Prayer Words
Meditation Prayer
Prayer for Worship
Rhymes Prayer
Prayer New Song
Prayer Song on Saraswati
Knowledge Prayer
Room Prayer
Exam Prayer
Prayer Songs about God
Prayer Songs for Assembly

Exam, Good Luck, Effective, Faith, Nurses, Fasting, Forgiveness, Family, Good Friday, Healing, Shankar, Jaap, Doha, Patha, Jap, Festive, Recovery, etc. types of prayer. Prayer Song by Rabindranath Tagore, Lata Mangeshkar, Justin Bieber and many other artist video song collections is available in this app Prayer VIDEOs.


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