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Are you a pilot or air passenger? Be aware of low cabin pressure! Low cabin pressure can lead to altitude sickness, which can have serious consequences.

If the cabin pressure falls below the safe level, an audible alarm is emitted and your Android will flash brightly and vibrate.

You don't have to remember to start the app before a flight, it's always there, watching out for you.

Why do you need this app?
* It's a cost-efficient back-up to your aircraft's built-in pressure monitor.
* Warn if you ascended to an unsafe altitude due to altimeter failure, inattention, or autopilot failure.
* Extra peace of mind - one less thing to worry about.
* More confidence in your cabin pressure seals.

* Set and forget - the app is always on in the background.
* App starts on system start - you're safe even if your phone reboots.
* Metric and US customary units.
* Optionally shows pressure altitude.
* Override system volume and mute settings - no way to accidentally disable the audio alarm.
* Countdown timer lets you know how long until you must start using extra oxygen or descend.
* Vibration alert, loud alarm, screen flashing - it's hard to miss!
* Works in flight mode.
* Implements ICAO Annex 6 Chapter 3.4 or FAA FAR §91.211.

Please note that you won't be charged for this app if your phone does not have a built-in barometer.

Please note that in some nations, notably the USA, you can fly higher than the ICAO rules permit.

To test if your phone has a built-in barometer, use this free app:
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