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What about definitely dumping paper business card ?
What about reducing the time impact that collection and classification of business cards has on your daily activities ?
What about having your desk free of any paper business card ?
Think about having an instrument that in no time can store the contact details of a meeting participants on your smartphone and in no time synchronize the same contact on your smartphone library.
No more expenses for You and for your Organization to purchase paper business card.
Your smartphone will be your business card.
Just few easy taps on your smartphone and You’ll be in touch with your business Partners, Associates, Colleagues without losing any contacts, without losing any business card.
Promeetix allows You to do all this, Promeetix allows You to share your profile without uncomfortable, expensive and easy to lose obsolete paper business card.
Create your own profile on Promeetix and every time You’ll have a meeting it will be enough to open Promeetix, activate 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI or Bluetooth connection and suddenly You’ll be noticed with the contacts around You that are using Promeetix. Just few taps and the details of the contacts will be stored on your Promeetix and smartphone database .
You won’t lose any contacts, no more.
Promeetix is free in its basic version and will allow You to store infinite contacts on Promeetix database but to synchronize no more than five contacts from your Promeetix database to your smartphone contacts database.
Promeetix allows the User a search on local database based upon name, surname, organization or other field of the contact profile, with a consequent direct easy tap to action as for call, message or email.
Promeetix premium version allows You to move your synchronization process from Promeetix to your smartphone contacts database from five to infinite contacts.
Billions of business cards are annually manufactured, billions of business cards are annually exchanged and billions of business inefficiency can arise due to loss of contact information.
The manufacturing of paper business card generates Mio of tons of CO2 in our atmosphere.
With Promeetix You’ll never lose any contact contributing, additionally, to save our Planet.
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