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Psychic – Free Psychic Readings provides top notch psychic services to answer all your qualms and help you transcend every difficulty, through three fantastic features:
1. Try for free. We provide you with three free minutes with each psychic reader on our team you want to test your connection with, in order for you to find your match!
2. Experience. All seventy plus certified, verified psychic readers on our app have multitudes of experience and a burning passion to help their clients resolve their difficulties, either through a voice conversation or through chat.
3. Guarantee. We guarantee your satisfaction! If you’re unhappy with a reading you received from a psychic, your account will receive a refund – there’s nothing to lose from a free psychic reading, and you can choose any psychic from our handpicked selection of experts.

See the difference in your life once you download the Psychic app!

Who are our psychics?
A psychic is a man or woman with supernatural, seemingly divine powers: the powers to peer into the future, the past, and the stream of a person’s life and return with insights on how to improve that person’s life. There is no way to become a psychic, unless you were born as one; that’s why we take care to test and assess the verity of our spiritual guides before hiring them. You can rest assured that any psychic you chat with is tested and verified.

A variety of psychic methods
The psychic you chat with can select any one or more of their methods: medium channeling (communication with the spirit world), tarot card reading, astrology and zodiac sign analysis, palm reading or a simple psychic reading based on their inherent talents.

Choose between top-rated experts
Our customers regularly commend the psychic readers available on the app. You can view the reviews and ratings a psychic has received on his or her profile, and decide for yourself what you think about them. Finding the best psychic for you is not always easy, but that’s why we supply you with three minutes of free psychic readings with each psychic – because we believe you deserve to find the perfect match. When choosing your psychic reader you will be confronted with many options – but as mentioned above, you can try them all for 3 free minutes. Empower your day-to-day life with free psychic readings and trust yourself to sift through all choices and find the psychic most suited for your needs, who can advise you regularly on all subjects.

Subjects for discussion in free psychic readings
We often hear from our clients that they are unsure what they can ask their psychic reader. The fact is, you can ask them anything you want – and since each psychic on the team has their own specialty, different free psychic readings will provide answers for different questions. For example, you might ask about your love life: “should I make a move on that person at work? Is my spouse cheating on me? Will I ever find another love as great as the one long lost?” Other subjects you might ask on free psychic readings include your family (”what should I do about my children?” “Will I ever make up with my estranged sibling?” Etc.), your career (should I stand up to my boss? Will I get a promotion in this company or should I go try my luck elsewhere?) and anything else that may be on your mind: be it physical, psychological or emotional.

Why should I get free psychic readings?
Free psychic readings can improve your daily life through a million little things: from improving the way you carry yourself, strengthening your confidence in your actions and choices, and on to reinforcing your beliefs and the best paths to take – confiding in a psychic can do you a world of good.
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