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The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches to others (Bukhari)
Recite Holy Quran القرآن with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran in your hand.

Holy Quran has an elegant style, Don't bother yourself by scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actual paper printed Quran, page by page. This Koran app is best companion of you anywhere, during Travel, or if you are in Masjid after say pray (Namaz) you can read Quran in you android device. Read daily azkar and Dua’s from Quran.

This Quran Karim app is categorized in Juz/Para index and Surah index and enables the full page of Quran majeed reading on the single screen. Rather than scrolling for the entire page view, by default, you will have access to the full page of Nobel Book. You can conveniently turn the pages of Holy Quran by the simple swipe one the screen.Quran offline free has the smooth and visible font, which effectively enables the simple and easy readability.

To make the things simple, it gives the option to the user to bookmark the pages and the Surahs, so users can quickly access from the favorite list for the next time reading.

Download and then use this Quran offline free app without any interruption.

- 15 Lines per page
- Full Page readability enabled
- Surah Index to directly access any Surah
- Juz/Para index to directly access any Juz
- 15 Lines per page
- Go to Page Option for Directly go to any Page of Koran
- Swipe for next or previous Page.
- Bookmark option
- Works offline
- Interactive style and design
- Resume option to get start reading from where you left reading previously

Surah List (Table of Content) :

Al-Fatihah (The Opening)
Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
Al-'Imran (The Family of Amran)
An-Nisa' (The Women)
Al-Ma'idah (The Food)
Al-An'am (The Cattle)
Al-A'raf (The Elevated Places)
Al-Anfal (Voluntary Gifts)
Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah(The Immunity)
Yunus (Jonah)
Hud (Hud)
Yusuf (Joseph)
Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder)
Ibrahim (Abraham)
Al-Hijr (The Rock)
An-Nahl (The Bee)
Bani Isra'il (The Israelites)
Al-Kahf (The Cave)
Maryam (Mary)
Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
Al-Anbiya' (The Prophets)
Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
Al-Mu'minun (The Believers)
An-Nur (The Light)
Al-Furqan (The Discrimination)
Ash-Shu'ara' (The Poets)
An-Naml (The Naml)
Al-Qasas (The Narrative)
Al-'Ankabut (The Spider)
Ar-Rum (The Romans)
Luqman (Luqman)
As-Sajdah (The Adoration)
Al-Ahzab (The Allies)
Al-Saba' (The Saba')
Al-Fatir (The Originator)
Ya Sin (Ya Sin)
As-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks)
Sad (Sad)
Az-Zumar (The Companies)
Al-Mu'min (The Believer)
Ha Mim (Ha Mim)
Ash-Shura (Counsel)
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