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 Real Blue Whale Simulator & Shark Hunting Games 3D 1.0.3

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Fight In survival hunter shark games For Your blue light with underwater predators like sharks, blue whales as in shark fishing games because they never sleep and would chase you until death. This Game is might be like other survival games as survival island, survival craft, or may Hungry shark evolution, blue whale simulator 3d blue whale game & crocodile attack etc. So, it’s a suggestion to live the life of Aqualunger and keep your weapons alert and learn survival swimming skills before hunt under water sharks and blue whales. Hunt for water predators (Sharks, thirsty blue whales), stay alive at all cost now in shark killing game as, it’s time for blue light fight as you are tired of Usual island survival games, underwater animals games & underwater building games.
Have you ever played any blue whale game or tilt shark simulators then join us in our Under water animal games, In Real blue whale simulator & shark hunting games 3D we are proving you ships, blue water, blue whales, big sharks ,shark & whale jumps, blue birds, water splash and other interesting objects and water animals. As you can see in our Screen Shots there are tourist transport ships going in deep blue sea and sharks attacked on a boat to kill the people and now some people know the blue whale sea swim so, they can move but others are not. Anyhow it’s a really fish adventure game to kill them to survive from them.
*** Real Blue Whale Simulator & Shark Hunting Games 3D Story***
Back story of Game is: There was a Tourist Transport Ship once Going In A deep blue sea. The tourist were want to experience Sea swim, they want to build underwater building to make underground underwater world, to enjoy water splash, underwater hunting, shark jumps shark killing games as other water games or underwater animal games, But in sea there are some big blue whales and killer sharks appear they are angry sharks and shark attacked on people of deep blue sea. Shark eat people some people had survival swimming skills so they escape by surviving. Some people commit suicide as they don’t have any swimming skills others dead because of angry shark evolution. Its Blue whale & shark facts that they may be angry on any time or it’s just because of other new blue whales enter in deep blue sea. People who survive from that shark attacks and big blue whale hunts call the police and told about al attacks of shark and also about people who commit suicide. Now police of the city send some army men to attack on blue whale and shark who are serious killer for people. They can kill all sharks, thirsty whales or just angry ones. Or can cut shark fingers, shark jaws and ultimate big blue whale sharks. They are hunting now and this game become now shark killing shark hunting game they will kill shark and make shark attacks raft or shark attack live wallpapers

Real blue whale simulator & shark hunting games 3D
- Carrier modes.
- Easy controls.
- Special Drift mode.
- Minimalist Design.
-Realistic character animation!
- High quality Sharks graphics.
- Realistic Pool designs.
-An innovative Shooting system!
- Adjustable game cameras.
- Realistic Guns Shooting To kill sharks.
-Absolutely different Shooting levels of architecture!
The underwater world is full of diverse Shark enemies!
Please be attentive From Bigger sharks and do not miss the chance to wave the Bigger cannon!
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