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Get photos & videos you didn't take. Instantly deliver or sell photos & videos to people without degrading quality. Reminis is your crowdsourced photography service for your memories.

Very important note about our platform: Reminis protects your visual privacy and photo/video privacy. Reminis decouples photo/video ownership from it's creator. In our platform every published photo/video can only be seen by it's owner. The ownership of each photo and video is determined automatically with artificial intelligence(time+physical location+face recognition). The photographer/videographer is the sole owner of the photo/video if it's private and not published. A photo/video may have multiple owners. The photographer who took the photo may not be the owner of it after it's published. The photographer can limit the ownership to some extent if the artificial intelligence determined the photographer to be one of the owners of the published photo.

We are aiming to make your memories more vivid. Capture & archive every detail about your moment while living the moment to its fullest. Stop using the camera! When you focus on living in the moment more, the more you will be able to remember and relive it later on.

Search your memories by text on our app to reminisce your memories anytime instantly. Say goodbye to organizing hassle of your photos and videos. No more writing long hashtags list. We tag your photos and videos automatically.

Even if you don't use your camera, you can capture the moment with just one click or just by logging in with Facebook. Reminis uses face recognition to deliver you the right photos and videos.

There are no limits while capturing the moment anymore! No more storage problems. No more distraction of the camera.

Very useful for travel, concerts, birthday parties, weddings, nightlife, extreme sports, important moments.
+Deliver your photo/video to your friend next to you physically without degrading photo/video quality.
+Get your photos by face recognition or deliver photos to people that exist in them.
+Reminis also works offline. Reach photos/videos when you connect to the internet.
+Get professional photos/videos that are captured from your moment.
+Get 10 to 30 seconds footages exactly from your moment.
+Instantly get the group photo, video, 360 VR video from your friends and professionals.
+Tell your story with photos, videos, VR videos you didn’t take.
+Create pro grade video stories that will bring you more likes and shares.
+Capture the key moment after the fact.
+Save hours of video editing time if you have an action camera( GoPro, Sony or 360 cameras)

If you are good at using your camera or if you are a professional you can:
Think this as a stock photo/video market but it works real time and moment based ( location + time + ownership by face recognition )

+Earn money by releasing more photos or taking pro pictures of users.
+Sell their photos to strangers.
+Protect your art. People can use your photos/videos in their stories for free if you give permissions. Their sharings will include a clear reference link to your profile. If someone screenshots your art we will notify you so you can report it.
+Increase the reach of your photos/videos with a chance of exponential growth.
+Reach other photos/videos among that moment.
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