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Application required to play the educational board game Riski Lavango.
The board game Riski Lavango is a game carefully designed to raise awareness of the danger of avalanches whilst participating in sports and recreational activities in the snow. It is a game that educates on prevention and encourages taking part in mountain activities including ski mountaineering, the different forms of off-piste skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, heli-skiing or snowshoeing. It also applies to mountaineering and climbing. All these activities are subject of the danger of landslides or avalanches.
The application keeps the value of each of the skills cards used in the game hidden. The players therefore do not know the exact quantitative value of the skills that they are selecting in the cards. They will have a pretty good idea of ​​their quality, as to whether they are good practices and bad practices, but the key to the game is to choose wisely in order to keep the best. The application safeguards the secret value of each card.
The application also includes other utilities necessary for the game such as a virtual 100-sided dice, which is necessary to introduce a random variable in the game. Similarly, it incorporates the points to be won over the course of the game on the board through the danger and reward cards. Another utility is to have a virtual dice available should the players not have one to move around the board.
To conclude, the application provides the player with the results of his turn, accumulating in this their points on the board with the danger and rewards cards; the random variable and the score achieved with the selection of skills cards with each mountain activity present on the table of the board game.
Depending on the result achieved by the move, the application ends with a message. The message can include simply having successfully completed the activity or even having attained a special prize. Or (it could also have a message with) a result that is not good enough and that means you need to keep playing to try again to overcome that particular mountain activity. The message can also confirm that the player has been eliminated from the game.
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