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 Robot Futuristic City Transform War Fighting Game 1.1

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Robot Futuristic City Transform Fighting War Game is an extreme 3D Robot warfare Arcade Game game as the user gets the chance to take part in a futuristic warfare city battle as the user will travel ahead of the time and invade alien territories and challenge the powerful mega bots to one on one battles where the user will playing as robot. Protect the earth from the deadliest attack of aliens, the invader aliens are making various bases camps in multiple locations on various planets now they have chose earth. Become an earth friendly robot transformer and destroy these base camps user needs to use extreme military techniques to strike aliens like one on combat battles. Become the super alien robot transformer so alien bots are not able to recognize the user.

One on One Extreme Robo Battles

The user will take advance robo fighting training sessions to become a real robo fighter alien robots are very precise, advance and lethal so get yourself ready for the galaxy war. Travel through stars and planet and challenge the robo commander in the galaxy headquarter for a one on one combat battles and use the best armory items for the war.

☠️ Laser guns.
☠️ Alien Gunships.
☠️ Alien spaceship.
☠️ Mega Galaxy Radars.
☠️ Robo Machine guns.
☠️ Alien Spaceships.
☠️ Space air crafts.
☠️ Shuttles.
☠️ Light Saber.
☠️ Laser Guns.
☠️ Laser Swords.

Alien War with Alien Bots in Space Battlefield

Take part in modern alien warfare, guerilla robo warfare and classic robot fight and do extensive shooting as the alien robo enemy comes to attack you unleash a space counter attack so the enemy alien bots retreats.

Following are some highlighting features of the game:

☠️ Realistic Graphics.
☠️ Win sword of honor from the lord of galaxy.
☠️ Realistic High Definition (HD) Display.
☠️ Robo Combat Fights.
☠️ One on One Robo Fights and Combat Battles.
☠️ Smooth and easy controls for better user experience.
☠️ Super fast Robo Movement.
☠️ Unleash your fighting style with deadly jabs, uppercuts & special moves
☠️ No internet required.
☠️ Steel robot fighting BattleBots and armored car Robot Wars
☠️ Deadly fighting moves in the alien fight against enemy alien.
☠️ Detailed maps all over the galaxy.
☠️ Unleash unique and devastating moves, upgrade and level up your mean machines
☠️ Dangerous Space fighting missions.
☠️ Unlock famous Robo Weapons for the greater battles,
☠️ Crash and destroy all the sinister and super villains to save civilians of vice city.
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