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For the fans of robot and gangster world games, here comes an epic mixture of both the robot and gangster game.
A robot gangster is this year’s best gangster and street crime game. You have to choose between multiple furious robots to cause chaos in the city. Destroy anything or anyone that comes in your way. You have a futuristic furious robot under your command, play as a futuristic robot and live the life of a gangster. As a gangster, take over anything you want, destroy anything you want. You have to complete your missions by completing a number of mission objectives. Mission objectives will be reviewed to you before each and every particular mission. If you failed to complete any mission objective your whole mission will fail.
A robots gangster has been developed with immense graphics and has realistic and very responsive controls. There are amazing simulation of robots and animals in this action simulator. Download and play the most incredible gangster game of the year 2017.
You will play as a futuristic robot and complete your mission objectives on time. You have to destroy vehicles to earn points and perform stunts on the streets. You have to kill dangerous animals like Rhino, Horse and Dog etc. These animals will prevent you from achieving your mission objectives. Kill these animals and show no mercy. Destroy and concur the great city with your mighty robots.
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