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 Rocket Launch Russia Simulator 1.0


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Rocket Launch Russia Simulator
Rocket Launch Russia Simulator - test the rocket power of a great country!
You will manage a strategic missile complex.
Move to the place of start indicated on the map.
Perform all the preparatory work in turn.
Point the intercontinental ballistic missile at the target and launch it!
Watch how it goes into the sky, and then flies to the target.
Strike strategically important enemy targets located at a great distance.
In order for you not to be found after the start-up, turn off the installation and change the location of the deployment as soon as possible to launch another strike against the enemy.
Get experience points and open new installations, even more mobile and powerful.
Know the science of artillery!
Do not let the enemy strike first.
Protect the borders of your country.
Feel the power of the most destructive weapons on Earth!
- Excellent 3D graphics.
- Detailed technology.
- A large selection of rocket launchers.
- Surround sound.
- Mechanics of control and launch of the rocket is close to real.
Do not give the enemy the slightest chance of winning!
Start playing now!
Share your opinion in the comments and leave estimates.
Play with us!
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