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Ruqyah Lahore Quranic Healing Center.

Ruqyah Al Shariya is the authentic way from quran and sunnah to treat all types of illnesses. Ruqyah al shariyah is a selection of various quranic ayats which heal ( terapi ) the patient when used by the will of Allah. These ayats can be listened to with headphones or read on water oil and other items to be consumed for shifa.

By listening to the ruqya the quran will heal the person aswell as burn and remove the jin, demons and other negative forces.

There are approximately 45 common different shirs blackmagic that magicians use. Witchcraft done on a person can destroy ones life. Create friction between husband wife, blockages, illnesess and other serious ailments. Magicians use different items to create different magics and effects on their targets. The powerful treatment in this app will help you permanently overcome all different types of sihir blackmagic.

As well as black magic also known as witchcraft, jadoo, voodoo, charms, sorcery and sihr evil eye is also a reality which can cause destruction in ones life.

Symptoms of evileye are back pains, hair falling, stomach pains, nervousness, blockages as well as others.

Ruqyah is also a cure for the evil eye. The best way to treat the evil eye nazar by washing with roqya water. Also listening to ruqya mp3 is very effective in removing ayn.

The following quranic verses are known as manzil ruqyah al sariya.

Surah Al-Fatihah : 1 to 7

Surah Al-Bakarah : verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 - 257, and 284 - 286

Surah Al-Imran : verses 18, 26 & 27

Surah Al-A'araf : verses 117 – 122

Surah Al-Taha : verses 68 – 70

Surah Al-Yunus : verses 81 – 82

Surah Al-Israa : verses 110 and 111

Surah Al-Muminoon : verses 115 to 118

Surah Al-Saaffaat : verses 1 to 10

Surah Al-Rehman : verses 33 to 40

Surah Al-Hashr : verses 21 to 24

Surah Al-Jinn : verses 1 to 10

Surah Al-Kaafiroon : verses 1 to 6

Surah Al-Ikhlas : verses 1 to 4

Surah Al-Falaq : verses 1 to 5

Surah Al-Naas : verses 1 to 6...

This app is full of important information and methods of treatment which have been tried and tested to help those who are suffering from spiritual, medical and mental illnesses. We will be updating this app to make it more efficient and useful. Please download and share with others also leave your feedback. May Allah cure all those who are suffering. Ameen
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