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Scary FNAF Scream House is a first person horror video where you play a man whose wife and son have disappeared. When he gets home, he realizes that something is amiss. Your goal, then, is to figure out what's causing all the strange events happening around you.

Move freely throughout the house, checking dark corners and interacting with different objects. You can open practically all the doors in the house, too... and the few that are locked can be opened if you just find the right key.

As usual for this kind of video, Scary FNAF Scream House is full of shocks and sudden scares. When you least expect it – BOO! And that's part of the fun: while the video leads you through quite an emotional story, it also keeps tensions running high with constant surprises.

Scary FNAF Scream House is quite an entertaining horror video. It has a better story than many other videos of this type, as well as some pretty great graphics. But if you decide to play, get ready for a good scare.

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