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This ideal App to make the raffle of the Invisible Friend or Secret Santa, you can choose between making the raffle by Email or face-to-face (with all the participants), in a moment each one will know the results.

It is very simple, first enter the name of the players, in each player if the box is marked Participate your partner? You enter the name of the couple you do not want to be chosen.
When you finish the application will show each player a scratch box that will contain the name of the Invisible Friend of each player.
In the face-to-face game mode all players must be present to make the raffle, then they will pass the device and each will scratch a box to discover their Secret Santa, fast and fun.

In the e-mail draw you enter the emails and in a few seconds you will know the results.

This application is designed so that as far as possible, the results are not repeated.

The game of secret friend has its origin in an old Venezuelan custom probably from the late 1800's and early last century. Venezuelan ladies who were married or engaged at the time, could not have friends, but compadres, for that social questioning. So they chose to meet a group of friends to make an exchange of gifts. This conservative tradition was referred to as "compadre de papelito" or "compadre secret de papelito", that is to say, a person's name was randomly chosen when drawing a written paper from a container.

Subsequently, this tradition became known as 'secret friend' and spread to neighboring countries through social exchange.

Now the invisible friend or secret friend, is a very popular game involving several people who make gifts to each other without knowing who it has been.

With this App finished the paper, everyone will be clear who is your Secret Santa.
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