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Select Sounds is built to help people focus, improve productivity and relax by making use of environmental noises and their choice of music. Some uses include:

Exercise routine

Who does not like to sleep at the sound of rain? Actually, these types of sounds are the most relaxing at bedtime. The sound of the rain always evokes that feeling of tranquility, which makes us think of the cold outside and how well one is under the sheets.

How to sleep better with Select Sounds? Here are some tips for a better night of deep focus sleep.
We feel naturlly twice a day: 2 am and 2 pm. If you are having a particularly bad night, try sleeping in your sleep cycle closer to 2h.

Exercising regularly makes it easier to fall asleep, in addition to having a more sound sleep. Exercise just before bed often has the opposite effect.

The body never fully adjusts to shift work, those working in off-hour shifts (early morning, late night, or late afternoon work) report higher rate of insomnia.

Avoiding afternoon naps, this makes sleeping at night much more difficult and can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

We have already talked about the benefits of the sound of the rain as relaxing, but in nature there are many more sounds that can taste more and that, in the same way, serve to help us relax. Select Sounds is an application that is worth highlighting, to include a large number of sounds of nature, such as the calm of the ocean, a waterfall or the sound of the mountain.

Select Sounds is an application focused on improving our productivity with relaxing sounds, but it is also useful when preparing for sleep. It is an application that includes sounds of very high quality. These sounds can be found in nature, and where Select Sounds shines is that allows us to create our own combinations to save them in a unique melody.

Our phone is a companion that we never break away from. We use it during our work, during class, at dead times, and also even while doing sports, cooking, or even while sleeping.

Running the rain, the murmur of a packed cafeteria, the rolling of the waves or the crickets on a night out in the country are some of the options for environmental sounds that can improve your concentration, increase your productivity and make you feel relaxed.

While some people need silence to concentrate on their tasks, others enjoy listening to music or environmental sounds to study, increase their productivity or relax. A pair of headphones can be useful to abstract from the constant noise of the office, public transport or even to relax on a crowded beach.
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