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Currently in Botswana there are more than 20 000 Deaf people. However, the general population does not understand sign language, therefore, creating a communication barrier between the Deaf and the Hearing. SignCoach mobile app aims to break communication barrier by teaching Botswana sign language.

Users are able to learn sign language through the use of pictures, videos and a quiz. SignCoach comprises three levels of Botswana Sign Language. In level 1, users learn topics of basic sign language and Level 3 teaches intermediary sign language topics. The quiz is provided in Level 3 for users to test their knowledge and learn sentence construction. SignCoach has features where the user would be able to translate speech to text and text to speech. The users can learn from SignCoach at the palm of their hands wherever they are, it does not rely on the availability of the internet.

With SignCoach, communication between the Deaf and the Hearing would be natural thus making it easy for the Deaf to be part of the communication circle, access good quality education, and have employment opportunities in large numbers. With unemployment being a challenge in Botswana, ease of communication between the Deaf and the Hearing will encourage the Deaf to unleash their untapped skills and talents and help them to run their own business and employing others without any fear of communication being a challenge.
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