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SMUGG is an enhanced SMS apps which adds a second virtual SMS number to your device. It allows the use of an alternate and disposable SMS number dedicated to social and business activities.

SMUGG boosts its SMS functionality with text Email and SSL encryption capability, the same level of encryption Banks, Credit Card issuers and on-line stores use for your daily transactions. We figured if it's secure enough to protect your money transactions, it should be good enough for your communications too.

Typical Use:

- Use it as a quick and simple tool for your support team
- Use it as a promotional tool to reach customers from alternate SMS numbers
- Use it as a disposable SMS number when required for registration to on-line services
- Use it as a disposable SMS number for special / promotional events
- Use it as your preferred secured personal and business communication tools
- Use it for first contact when you are dating
- Use it as a cost-effective alternative for your teens
- Use it on tablets

Main Characteristics:

- SMUGG uses SSL, the same technology major Banks and Credit Card issuers are using for your online transactions
- SMUGG uses its own message store to protect your sensitive data from been spied
- SMUGG has a simple and easy to use interface, all functionalities are at your finger tips
- SMUGG only needs Wi-Fi connection to work
- SMUGG can work on tablets
- We can provide SMS numbers from more than 19 countries
- Easy payments with In-App payment (support major Credit, Prepaid, Debit and Interac card)
- Quick payment with NCF card

We create productivity apps and as such we keep our design crisp, clean and simple.
We respect your rights for privacy; this apps has NO adds and requires the minimum set permissions to work. We do not pull any personal information from your phone.
You can roll-out this software in corporate environments with confidence.

This version only support Holo Dark theme (black), Holo Light (white) will be released in late Jan. 2017
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