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A snack is a portion of food, smaller than a regular meal, generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home.

Traditionally, snacks are prepared from ingredients commonly available in the home. Often cold cuts, fruit, leftovers, nuts, sandwiches, and the like are used as snacks. The Dagwood sandwich was originally the humorous result of a cartoon character's desire for large snacks. With the spread of convenience stores, packaged snack foods became a significant business.

Snack foods are typically designed to be portable, quick, and satisfying. Processed snack foods, as one form of convenience food, are designed to be less perishable, more durable, and more portable than prepared foods. They often contain substantial amounts of sweeteners, preservatives, and appealing ingredients such as chocolate, peanuts, and specially-designed flavors (such as flavored potato chips).

The user of the app can favorite a recipe and easy to show in the favorite page. All the recipes in this easy cookbook have been organized and cataloged so that you can relate the recipes by Categories, Cuisines and Ingredients. You can use it in daily basis for different type of food or you can also use it in party and festivals. This Application contain the recipes in Hindi in following category

ब्रेड पिज़्ज़ा कटोरी:Bread pizza katori recipe
शाही ब्रेड रोल:Bread rollshah
बेसन सूजी उत्त्पम (Instant rava uttapam)
दही के सेन्डविच (Dahi sandwich recipe)
मैसूर बोंडा (Mysore bonda recipe)
दाल भरी खस्ता कचौरी (khasta kachori recipe)
आटे की मीठी मठरी (Wheat flour sweet mathri recipe)
पाव भाजी (Pav bhaji recipe)
रवा अप्पम (Instant rava appam recipe)
मिर्ची वडा (Rajasthani mirchi vada recipe)
आलू ब्रेड बोंडा (Bread aloo bonda recipe)
आलू बाकरवडी़ (Aloo Bhakarwadi Recipe - Samosas Pinwheel Recipe)
सूजी के गोलगप्पे (Sooji Golgappa - Rawa Panipuri Recipe)
आलू के मिनी समोसे (Mini samosa recipe - Potato stuffed Mini Samosa)
स्पंजी ढोकला बेकिंग सोडा के साथ (How to make Dhoklas without Eno )

Features of this App are

It is using in Hindi Language for the instruction of recipe
+ Clean, clear and intuitive interface.
+ Better Hindi font for better reading.
+ Well tested software with no bugs and issue during execution.
+ Feature to add your rating and add comments.
+You can see categories of recipes
+View recipe in detail with images
+New recipes are added regularly and sync with the app for Free
+The user can also save the recipe as favorite it for later use
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