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Sneakathon: Ninja Stealth Runner

Sneak, run and assassinate to find your way to the golden treasure!

Sneakathon is a simple, fast-paced and fun runner game mixed with cool stealth mechanics to make you feel like the ultimate ninja.

- Be stealthy! Hide behind all manner of objects, stealthily avoiding enemies.

- Be an assassin! Attack enemies from the shadows to stun or kill them.

- Chase high-scores! Be as fast as possible to win a spot on the leaderboards.

- Unlock stuff! A wide array of costumes/skins can be unlocked, as well as cool titles that you can show off next to your name on the high scores of the leaderboards.

- Explore it all! Traverse a wide array of 10 levels, ranging from a Wasteland to a Graveyard.

- Upgrade yourself! Gather a wide variety of upgrades that increase your hiding and stealth range, damage and other attributes.

- Use items! Ease your journey by using the deadly Muramasa sword, or even summon a certain cardboard box to hide in.

- Feast your eyes! The super high-res, insanely detailed pixel art sprites used will most likely blow your mind.

- Laugh! For those in need of bad jokes, the Joke Generator (tm) is at your service.

*Game Modes*
Sneakathon: Ninja Stealth Runner includes six game modes that can be either played from the start or unlocked.

Tutorial: This takes you through the necessary steps to master the simple and fun game mechanics.
Classic, Difficult: Become an adept at the ninja trade in Classic mode, after which you can try master the game in Difficult
Hard Python: Have you been spotted? Game over, my friend!
Massacre: This mode offers a non-stop onslaught of fun (literally, all enemies die easily).
Endless: This unlocks the endless runner variant of Sneakathon, where your goal is to stay alive and undetected as long as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter: @milanlefferts

Tags: Fast-paced, sneak, stealth, runner, ninja, endless, upgrade, item, explore, fun, game, games, assassin, joke, unlock, score, run
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