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Soldier lawyer is your app if you are looking for a lawyer or if you are a lawyer.
You'll have the power of decision when you look for a lawyer or when you look for customers.

Get a quality lawyer at the "fair price" by posting your case anonymously and free of charge.

(*) Defend yourself
If you're looking for a lawyer, Soldier wants to help you, the service is totally free for you from the web and from the mobile app. Fixed your "fair price" which is the maximum amount of money that you can pay and tell us about your case, and can upload if you want to files (video, audio, text, etc) to explain it better to all Attorneys of Soldier. Lawyers interested in your case first you will be given advice in writing, audio or video on a panel that only you and every lawyer you will see and after you will make offers, always respecting your "right price". When you choose a lawyer you can consult with him via a "chat" confidential and begin with your matter as soon as possible. To choose your attorney you will see comments and ratings of the truth of other customers about them in the "Law Advisor".

(*) Defends
Sign up for free if you are a Lawyer, autonomous and you have a few years as a college by filling out a simple form. Soldier Lawyer will help you to make your way into the profession and will give you a portfolio of clients. You will only pay for our services when you charge the customer. Receives at the same time that the rest of the lawyers matters posted by clients, without filters or favoritism, because the Lawyers Soldier are all the same. You'll receive issues, according to the parameters you choose, like the city, type of item, or maximum price the customer. First announcing your conditions and specialty in your profile and then make deals while respecting the maximum price to the customer. You can adjust your budget to increase your chances of being the Lawyer "chosen". Charged the agreed price of the mode that you have agreed with the client in your bid knowing that, at a minimum, the customer enters the 10% of the bid at the start as provision of funds and commitment of seriousness.

case types:

Traffic Accidents
Divorce by mutual agreement
Contested Divorce
Modification of measures of the convention
Claim rent rental
Unpaid dues homeowners association
preferred Shares and subordinated
Clause floor and abusive
Are there any problems with the bank?
Settlement of marital property
Contractual responsibility
Cancel contract
Defective Products
Consumer in distress
Insurance problems
Problems with the light, water, gas or phone
Affiliation of children
Contract drafting
Criminal law
Assaults and injuries
Gender-based violence
Crimes of the treasury
Drug trafficking
Robberies and thefts
Libel and slander
Breath and snap judgments
Crimes with new technologies
Crimes over the internet
Bulling and cyberbulling
Regulatory compliance
Labour law
Claim wages
Workplace harassment
Fundamental rights
Occupational accidents
Apply for pension disability
Claim to social security
Record regulation of employment
Administrative law
Issues with the town hall
Issues with tax office
Issues with social security
Accident using a bus, train or plane
administrative Penalties
Fines traffic
Claim pensions, supports, etc.
Claim in equity against the state
Commercial law
Drafting contracts
Incorporate a business
Industrial property
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