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 Space Alien Killer 1.9


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If you are brave enough then you will enter the best challenge ever? The newest application will knock your socks off with the mesmerizing main character. Download free the latest Space Alien Killer and open it on your phone. You have arrived just in time to help this creature living on another planet. The battlefield looks sensational. The enemies are approaching and you have to shoot them really fast. Do not let them come to close to you as they can harm you. You have only four lives to survive the attack so be careful not to lose them. For the first time in your life you have the chance to prove your heroic skills so grab it. This top application will take you into the deep cosmos. Just close your eyes and let your imagination lead you. Visit various planet and meet various living beings. There is no evidence of life outside of the earth and you will be the one who will discover it. This popular game will catch your attention so much that you will sail away far from the gloomy reality. You will feel rejuvenated and free from all the problems and worries. Start the most exciting adventure and discover the ancient warrior in you. Get the most powerful weapon with the coolest Space Alien Killer and shoot the monsters. They are painted in brilliant colors but do not let them trick you with their pleasant appearance. Although they seem to you nice and friendly they have come to attack you and conquer your territory. Destroy all of them and defend yourself and your friend. Whenever you feel blue start playing and then your mood will slowly improve. The biggest smile will embellish your face as soon as you take that weapon in your hands. Get the newest Space Alien Killer on your tablet and enter the most exciting shooting challenge!
With the latest game you will get the impression that you are the most powerful and that no one can beat you. Step on the battlefield and show the enemies how strong and dangerous you are. You won’t let them harm the cutest creature and take you away your territory. The vast universe have always tickled our imagination and to this day it is still inexplicable. When you were a child you wanted to become an astronaut and explore the starry sky you observed every night. Now imagine that you can sit in the newest space shuttle and visit any planet. With the coolest Space Alien Killer your dreams may become a reality at least virtual. Close your eyes and enter the world of fantasy. The broad battlefield is in front of you and your task is to defend the wonderful creature in the middle of it. He is under the severe attack and you are the only one who can shoot all the enemies and help him. Share this top game with your friends and organize a competition among you. The winner will be the person that achieves the highest score. Try as hard as you can with your fast fingers to be the best player. Everyone will envy you for that. The soothing music in the background will relax you while you are on the lookout. Remember to collect the hearts when they appear as they will help you regain one life. Download free the popular Space Alien Killer on your phone and become the best shooter the world has ever seen.
 Free entertaining shooting game
 Wonderful main character
 Sparkling hearts to regain lives
 Dangerous enemies who are attacking
 Fantastic powerful weapon to defend yourself
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    24. 11. 2017

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