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“Space wolf” – amazing free live wallpaper with wolf in outer space!

| Actual speed of animation depends on device characteristics.
| You may change animation speed in settings menu.

In front of you there is a wolf against the background of picturesque space landscape!
The whole sky is covered with colorful clouds.
A full moon can be seen in the sky.
The moon is blue.
The wolf gazes forward.
The wolf is sad for loneliness...
Fluffy blue and pink clouds wrapped the wolf from all sides.
It looks very picturesque!
The wolf looks like the master of all wolves!
Wolf is a very mysterious animal!
Perhaps, one of the most amazing animals on the planet!
His way of life and habits often lead people into perplexity.
Ferocious predator or faithful and caring member of his pack?
Here are some interesting facts that will help to find out who the wolf really is.
Wolf has the ability to determine the weather by sound signals, sounding at a distance of several kilometers.
It is known that the wolf blood, which the Vikings drank before the battle, raised morale!
Also, the Vikings wore wolfskins to gain the power of the animal.
The brain of a wolf is 30% larger than a dog's.
The wolf is able to distinguish a huge amount of scents – several tens of millions!
In ancient times wolves lived only in deserts and tropical forests.
Wolves were particularly revered by the Arabs, Romans and Indians.
On earth wolves live for more than 100 million years!
Nowadays, Ireland is called the land of wolves, because there are many wolf packs in Irish forests.
The leader of the pack always goes ahead of his pack with his tail high.
The position of the wolf in the pack depends largely on self-confidence.
A pack is always headed by an alpha male and an alpha female.
The color of wolves often corresponds to the places in which they live. For example, desert wolves have a color with a red tint, in the tundra - white, and in forest ranges from light gray, gray-brown to black.
All cubs at birth have blue eye color, but after 2-4 months the color of eyes changes and acquires a golden yellow color. Only in rare cases wolves have blue eyes during the whole life.
Wolves have their own system of communication. They use howling, growling, barking...
There is evidence that wolves in the course of hunting demonstrate foresight and other signs of highly organized thinking.
Wolf can run at a speed of 60 km/ h and jump to a height of up to 5 meters.
For one night wolf can pass a distance of 80 km.
Under good weather conditions, wolf can hear sounds in the forest at a distance of 9 kilometers.
In the eyes of the wolf there is a special reflective layer that creates a gloomy glow at night and helps to hunt in the dark.
A lone wolf, howling at the moon, is a common image.
A wolf can call a pack to hunt, maintain unity and morale.
Also howling can be considered as a declaration of ownership of the territory.
Howling is a natural and very effective means of communication between wolves.
In a bright moonlit night wolves it’s easier to hunt, that makes wolves intensely communicate with each other.
Generally, wolves are most active at night.
If you like wolves - then this live wallpaper will be an excellent choice!
Do not hesitate - download and install this amazing free live wallpaper!
Install "Space wolf" free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!
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