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Do you want a new style of arcade shooter?

Do you want to challenge hoards of enemy ships while avoiding the massive amounts of projectiles?

StarLightRiders is a Caravan style BulletHell Shoot em up, each level is unique where players compete to get the highest score.


* 15 Action packed levels each with its own leaderboards.
* 3 different Ships. Pick your favorite, with its unique features and play style.
* Full ship upgrade system
* Endless mode, How long can you last?
* incredible electronic soundtrack.

【GamePlay Mechanics】

Slowdown - Remove your finger from the screen to enter Bullet time, good for planning where to move next or where to warp

Warp - Double tap on the screen to activate warp, warp will instantly move you to the tapped position, Each ship has 3 warps by default that can be upgraded.

Sheild - Activates Shield, Default is 6 seconds and can be upgraded.

Beam - Activates Beam, Default is 6 seconds and can be upgraded, Beam Ship doesnt have this secondary fire button.

Bomb - Only for the Beam Ship, You get 3 bombs that destory both enemies and bullets

Hyper - Collect Falling reactors (Green Squares) to charge the Hyperbar in the bottom left, once charged the enemies will enter a frenzy state and start shooting double bullets.

AutoFire - The ships shoot when the user is touching the screen by default, when autofire is turned off the graze mechanic is activated.

Graze Mechanic - Graze 100 Bullets to recharge Sheild.

Reactors - Green Squares, Reactors Will charge the Hyper Bar and Increase the score Multiplier, if a reactor is missed the multiplier is reset back to zero, Reactors will also be stored and can be spent on Ship Upgrades:
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