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 Steel Fight Robots War Simulator 3D 1.1


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Planet earth is under attack by the steel fight robots, the invasion of galactic war strike is being imposed by the unidentified steel aliens from the planet unknown, assemble your intel war commando forces to fight and combat these battle machines of futuristic steel robots fighting and trying to invade and rule earth, these metal legend warriors are strong, carrying weapons of mass destruction to destroy earth and humans.

Gather your space legend warrior troopers and commandos to fight robots war, engage a massive assault combat operation, eliminate these futuristic steel monster robots in space war strike & clash warrior defender simulator. US war armed forces armory unit has designed and programmed an invincible army of commando friendly monster toy robots to face the lethal battle against the futuristic steel for victory, these mech machines can be real dangerous that can fight the toughest robot fighting war against the invaders from outer space. Fully armed with loaded deadly weapons and survivor amours with protected shields and laser swords these steel fight robots war simulator is an action packed thriller.

The space station providing assistance to the earth is been attacked by the rebel monster robots and they have destroyed the communication system, space shuttle has been launched loaded with friendly war robots to fight an indestructible battle, these bots are loaded with ballistic armaments, laser and plasma guns and weapons of mass destruction with unique armament of death. These toy bots and machines are specially programmed by armed forces to fight, terminate and kill these rebel steel robots, the lethal clash and war strike steel fight between these steel giants is immense, this assault has ignited an inter galactic clash between the aliens and friendly fighting toy robots of steel.

Compile an elite team of combat soldiers and specialist sniper shooters who are ready to perform duty anywhere anytime, train your army and program your friendly futuristic modern robots, upgrade them with latest modern weapons for mission, attack enemy forces and steel fight epic modern robot war head-to-head in frontline space battle. Conquer rival bots, fight for victory and become an elite commando of steel fight robots war specialist in surprise strike with full strength and force, it’s a mega clash of giant steel robots and humans, so make this space center a battlefield for the enemy.

Experience lethal war combat challenging futuristic flying monster robots in this survival robots war steel fight mission, the rebel and invader steel monster robots are capable of destroying anything, loaded with attacking skills, artificial intelligence, armour and full gun power. You have to stop these steel fight automatons at any cost and restrain them to their planet pushing them back from your space station, enemy steel bots are strong legend warriors, they can glide into the places. Future is unseen so we can predict it by our own actions. This is the futuristic war robots have immense powers.

Steel Fight Robots War Sim 3D Features:

• Amazing 3D Space Station.
• Multiple Modern Weapons.
• Various & Enemies.
• Realistic Game play.
• Great Warfare Content.
• Addictive combat simulator.
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