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Are you fan of Stickman? You love all the animation of these guys? Now we bring him to a shooting range where stickman shoot against enemies. As fast as possible, you have to take the enemies down before they shoot you. The bad boys will appear infinity. 2 Arrows hit your body, you will die. One arrow head shot you will be killed immediately. So kill them before they kill you. Each of head shot to enemies you will get 1 diamond, got to the market to buy other arrow, bow, bow-suit, hat style. You will never feel bored because all the bowman will have higher shooting levels and be concentrate to shoot fast and accuate.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
Shoot the arrows fast and have fun beheading your bowman enemies with headshots! Destroy the enemies with your bow before they take you down. Simply drag and drop your finger for targeting and firing.

*** FEATURE ***
+ Endless shooting and endless bowmen enemies
+ HD graphic
+ Real-life animation
+ Custom suit, bow, arrow style...
+ Use the bow skillfully
+ So much easy to play and it fit for all kind of people
+ 4 Different mode Single, Multiplayer, Shooting apple, Shooting bottle

The most common mode shooting with AI, try to survive with machine

Connect with friends and challenge them in battlefield. Who will the better Stickman Archer.

Don't shoot innocent people, this mode will challenge your shooting skill. The distance will become wide and arrows orbit is unpredictable.

You will have 3 chance to missing shoot the bottle can.

The Archery 3 will much special compare with other previous version Stickman Archer.
Please write us your suggestions for improving gameplay, we're reading all comments.
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    25. 10. 2017 2017-10-25

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