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Sdílet facilitates people in recovering stolen or lost items, it also caters the e-commerce market and its users making sure they do not buy items which are stolen or reported lost. This is also why it is so unique. It is not only useful for individuals but it also facilitates the society in general. By providing this services we believe that one percent of prevention can reduce the loss of one hundred percent. also have the following features,

• Before you purchase anything, anywhere, or from anyone you can check with our system (search engine) for stolen and lost items to avoid purchasing a stolen or lost item.
• A search engine, for found items by entering a specific identification number of your lost item, you will be able to see if your item has been found. With a few clicks, you will know from where you can collect your lost item. You will not lose hours visiting places to ask if your product has been found.
• Pre-registration of property, you can also store and manage your item details to avoid loss of this information. You can also store all kind of data related to your property. For example, you misplace your passport while on holidays abroad and need to make a police report. How will you get access to your passport number? The answer is, through our pre-registration system. It is a high encrypted system which only allows the accountholder to access the information
• A social community, with focus on day to day challenges faced by people in the society, all users can share their experiences, advices and opinions with people worldwide. Users can write comments, like and share the posts.
• A wanted-list where users can find the most recent items that have been reported stolen or lost.
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