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The game Strafe to Shreds is a powerful futuristic 3D shooter with elements of strategy, promising to evoke a sense of delight in the hearts of gamers around the world. This "bagel", inspired by all your favorite shooters, so the dynamics of the game will be clear to everyone. Unknown by name, the protagonist, baptized by Streifgay players, swirls through the levels, collects upgrades, improves the characteristics and desperately plans to live to the final success, but the main element of the genre permanent death has not been canceled.
The main emphasis in Strafe to Shreds on android developers made on the rate of skirmishes, which were so tried to bring back the player about the bright times of "arcade" shooting, not burdened with cut scenes, plot motivation and health regeneration. And it worked, because every spell in STRAFE turns into a violent bloody transference.
The enemies of the Strafe strategy do not give up even in speed much faster. They look because of models and graphics are perhaps funny, but they hurt very much. If a little delayed, then you can immediately get into a siege, and there you can lose supplies.
Touching on the topic of the story in STRAFE strategy games, we note that the plot in the game is pretty simple: an unfamiliar company sends our protagonist to collect scrap metal into a distant space, where no radio signal reaches. There, outside the galaxy, our dashing metal warrior suddenly encounters a huge spaceship named "Ikarus".
The premises inside the ship are also strafe esports, are strewn and covered with all sorts of crap, and also change every time the scrap metal scout dies and returns to the level anew. And how can we solve all the urgent problems? It turns out this is very simple! It is necessary to take one of the three guns, and rather rush, smashing all the living things on the ship into small pieces of strafeapp.
It is necessary to remember the main lesson of the old school shooters STRAFE app, the main thing is not to stop for a minute, if you want to live, the stop is equal to death. Therefore, such skills as the ability to jump, aim and shoot, without slowing down the run (sometimes in the air, sometimes - with a turn of 180 degrees) is the main thing for survival in the territory of Strafe to Shreds.
Certainly it is worth noting that the graphics enchanting with their splendor will give Strafe to Shreds a long life. They excite admiration for the models of weapons, and they liked the animation of movements and the way the heads and limbs fly off the enemy, but even the fascinating world around them, though pixel fascinating with its beauty.
In the game, developers were able to perfectly recreate the drive and the bloodiness of old-fashion strategy games, and also to connect the exploration of locations with vigorous battles with permanent death. Remarkably, the structure of the "bagel and action mechanics divided the spheres of influence. In the end, it turns out that the game Strafe to Shreds, has its own unique face.
Download the Strafe to Shreds strategy game for android.
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