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 Summer Hammock Design 1.0

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Hammock itself is a hammock made from cloth that is made like a swing with both ends are hung generally this type of bed is used by people who live in the tropics
But as the development of hammock switch hammock function today is widely used not only as a bed but also as a place to relax It is basically hammocks used outdoors this refers to the origin of hammocks used in tropical countries but now many people use hammock as furniture which can be put in the house even in the room as well
Selection of hammock materials
Because hammocks are basically used for sleeping and relaxing then comfort is the absolute thing you should get therefore you should choose the right hammock material
You should also make sure that the hammock material allows for air exchange when used later to check it you can try to emphasize the hammocks to the mouth and nose area to breathe if you have trouble breathing then the hammock does not allow for air exchange
Check the stitches
Checking the stitches before buying a hammock is important because later the hammock will hold your load when used check the hammock stitches by feeling the texture if the texture is sharp then the hammock stitch is not good the recommended stitch for the hammock is as much as three layers
Watch the hooks
hammock does provide extra comfort especially if placed in the right place but as comfortable as any hammock this one is still risky you must be extra careful when checking all the completeness of security hammock one of them is the hook rope hook rope which is often used for hammock is webbing and nylon according to some sources nylon rope hooks are stronger than webbing
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