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 Sumo Wrestling Champions -2K18 Fighting Revolution


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• Wear your mawashi sumo wrestling belt, & bring out your the largest and most heaviest wrestlers to fight in a trial of strength in combat!
• Upgrade your wrestler and his strength to overpower smaller opponents, a professional sumo wrestling experience is guaranteed.
• Play career mode and become the universal champion of sumo wrestling by beating all the sumotori wrestlers in all the world.
• Fight others using a variety of revolutionary moves such as pushes, throws, takedowns, pins, & joint locks along with your quickness/technique to mold into a great champion!
• Some wrestlers are stronger than they look as they may be ex samurai or ronin, so training yourself hard and increasing your strength as a real sumo wrestling athlete will ensure your victory against these sumotori.
• Go head to head against your rikishi ring rivals in this sports games.

This Sumo game lets you give your creations personalities with a robust CPU logic system that defines their every action in this free games. Knockout your challengers in a no hold barred honbasho matches!

Create your dream wrestler or rikishi from multiple devastating moves and battle for custom championship belts. Destroy the ring, mat and maybe even the referee! Upgrade your wrestlers strength to increase the power of wrestling, fighting and knockout your opponents so that they never fight with you in this sports game of free wrestling.

Become the undisputed universal champion in this free wrestling after beating all tag team champion wrestlers in the world.
Authentic Traditional Sumo Wrestling! This is as Japanese as it Gets! 相撲
Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? Use traditional sumo wrestling techniques or mix up your style with different fighting techniques like kung fu, muay thai, taekwondo, mix martial arts, tanimachi, banzuke and Karate, It’s upto you in this sumo game!

Practice well for the upcoming sumo wrestling events in this free games.

CAUTION: This sumo game lets you experience real sumo fighting; Even though it is a simulation game, please do not use it to enhance your fighting skills.
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