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Super Avengers Hero Squad Combat comic story has been simplified for children, and is set in Asgard, the Vault, Asteroid M,
Villainville and Super Hero City, the latter two being exclusive to the Super Hero Squad continuity.
Keeping in tone with the television show, Stan Lee voices the mayor of Super Hero City.
Super Avengers Hero Squad Combat follows the overall plotline of the television show, with Doctor Doom seeking fractals of the Infinity Sword.
Doctor Doom tried to possess the sword itself, however, Heroes and the Hero Squad intervened and destroyed it,
sending fractals of the sword throughout the gameplay universe.
The game differs from the TV plot in that Doctor Doom tries to collect enough fractals to create a smaller Infinity Sword.
He eventually succeeds and the Super Hero Squad must stop him.
For a start, there's a massive variety of playable characters,
from stalwarts such as Wolve and heroes to virtual gods such as Galactus and Thanos and less familiar characters such as Bucky and Nova.
The game is split into 12 episodes, each based around its own humorous theme with a pair of heroes collecting fragments of the Gauntlet's six Infinity Stones.
The episodes feature an assortment of puzzles and arcade-style challenges,
from hacking simple electronic circuits to firefights against a succession of increasingly repetitive grunts.
However, at the end of the level there's a boss battle to survive which will have you drawing on your limited number of jumps,
blocks, charges and ranged attacks as well as a special power that must be charged up and is easily the most distinct part of your arsenal.
Two players have the best of the action, as single players have to rely on fairly dodgy AI for the second hero –
which usually results in him standing around refusing to defend himself.
Luckily, the game is fairly forgiving of incompetence and you can always switch between heroes by pressing the Start key.
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