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 Super Ranger Attack Monsters 2


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A big baddie named Judah loomed over all the Super Rider worlds, threatening their very existence.
Unfortunately for him, W, Den-O and OOO took notice, and did what anyone would do -
gather all the other Showa (old school) and Heisei (modern) Super Ranger Attacks Monsters, and Rider-Kicked his sorry butt.
But now someone else has appeared, looking to finish what Judah started; a mysterious man named Goura.
One-upping what Judah did, Goura has not only put the worlds at peril,
he has additionally revived many more big-time baddies from all the Super Riders pasts.
Old wounds are opened, old grudges are dug up, and once thought long-defeated foes are back.
The responsibility now falls on everyone's favourite after-school team from a certain Amanogawa High School;
the Super Rider Club; to gather all the Riders once more and save the day!
The gameplay remains mostly tried-and-true for the most part.
You select a primary and secondary Rider, then select a stage to take on.
The gameplay is then a mixture of old-school side scrolling and smacking,
adding in elements of more modern beat em ups like plane shifting, juggles, special moves, and stat-crunching.
What's been added to the sequel is mostly expected, but still fairly welcomed.
You can now select how you want your partner to behave with the select button;
from Neutral, to Offensive (Red), or Defensive (Blue); making it a surprisingly big help.
While air juggling has been toned down somewhat, you now have a new 'Break Attack' combo, done with Weak, Weak, Weak, Strong.
This stuns enemies momentarily, setting them up for more hits, and especially useful for giving you a chance to fire off that particularly laggy special move.
Making things more interesting is the new 'combo Memory', which gradually fills up the more you beat on bad guys.
Once full, interrupting a normal combo with L and forward or Dashing whilst holding L makes your Rider unleash a rapid-hit combo,
summoning a 3rd Rider to back you up in the process. Not only does this look cool, but it also adds another layer of strategy,
giving you more valuable help in the higher difficulty levels.
A ton of new Riders have been added, from secondary Riders like IXA and Knight, to tertiary characters like Leangle and Zolda,
to even movie-exclusive characters like New Den-O and Skull. Each and every character still has a lot of fanservicey spoken dialogue,
and even more fanservicey written dialogue in conversations with bosses. If you have a basic grasp of Japanese (or read a translation),
you're bound to get a (Rider) kick out of it if you're a fan.
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