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Surah Al Baqarah which consists of 286 verses is including the surah madaniyah group which was revealed in the early years of the Prophet Muhammad period in Medina. It is the longest and most verse of the verses among other surahs in the Qur'an.

This chapter is called "Al Baqarah" which means a cow, because in it is mentioned the story of the slaughter of a female cow in command of Allah SWT to the Children of Israel. In the practice of slaughtering the cow was clearly the nature and character of the Jews in general.

Named also Futsat Al Qur'an which means "the peak of the Qur'an" because this surah contains some laws that are not mentioned in other suras. Also called Alif Laam Miim, Because this surah begins with the letters hijaiyah (alphabet) Alif Laam Miim.
Among the main points of content are:

Islamic da'wah which is addressed to the Muslims, the People of the Book and the idolaters.

2. LAW:
- The command to do the prayer
- Orders to perform zakat, fasting, hajj and umroh,
- The law of qisas
- Explanation of the lawful and haram
- Breathing in the way of Allah
- The law of drinking wine (liquor) and gambling
- How to get along with orphans
- Economic principles
- Prohibition of consuming usury
- Debts
- Livelihood and the right to receive it
- Wasiat to your Mother and relatives
- About magic
- The law damages the mosque
- The law alters the books of Allah
- About menstruation
- Explanation of the iddah period
- About Talak, khulu ', ilaa
- Law of infant feeding
- Encourage the spouse
- Mahar and mut'ah
- Law Marry a woman or a polytheist and vice versa
- The law of war in Islam

Creation of Prophet Adam A.S, story of Prophet Ibrahim A.S, story of Prophet David A.S, story of Prophet Moses with the Children of Israel.

Like the nature of the righteous, the attributes of the hypocrites, the attributes of Allah, the parables, the direction of the Muslims, and the resurrection after death
Will you study and study it?

here we provide mp3 offline murottal al baqarah from world famous qori, so we will feel very comfortable and touched upon hearing, like Mishari Rashid al Afasy, Abdur Rahman as Sudais, and Saad Said Al Ghamidi. we also provide the text in Arabic, Latin script and also provided the meaning in English, so that we can easily understand the meaning of the verse of the verse al quran

So, Read the Qur'an And Its meaning is more complete here
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