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 Syed Sadaqat Ali Full Quran mp3 Offline 1.0

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Download and listen complete holy quran audio offline by sheikh syed sadaqat ali. This syed sadaqat ali quran mp3 works perfectly without internet connection.

القران الكريم سید صداقت علی
قران بدون انترنت سید صداقت علی
سید صداقت علی
القران الكريم كاملا بدون انترنت سید صداقت علی

qari syed sadaqat ali wikipedia biography (read below)
qari syed sadaqat ali surah muzammil

Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali (Urdu: قارى سید صداقت علی), is one of the most renowned Qurra' (Qur'an reciters) of South Asia. He was the host of the program Aao Quraan Parhein (Let us read the Quran) for children that provided lessons and exercises on properly reciting and pronouncing Qur'anic Arabic. This program aired and re-ran many times on the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali was born in Pakistan. Qari Sadaqat started participating in local and international qiraat competitions (recitation of Quran competitions) at a very early age. He has appeared in 200 contests.

* Senior Qari at Punjab & National Assembly * Chairman Saut-ul-Qura International Pakistan * Senior Qari at Pakistan television & Radio Pakistan * Member selection board for Pakistan Broadcasting * Member Naqabat ul Qura Republic of Egypt * Pupil of Internationally famous Qari Abdul Baseth, Abdul Samad, Egypt * Represented Pakistan in world Qirat recitals in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emriates, Persia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Europe & many other countries. * Achieved second position twice in International Husn-e-Qirat competitions held in Persia * First Pakistani Qari ever to win first position in International Husne Qirat competition held in Bangladesh * Recited in various Television & Radio stations of Arabian countries * Broadcasting Al-Quran programme from Pakistan television and Prime T.V since 1992 * Has recorded full Quran with various world renowned recording companies * Traveled almost all over the world to perform the art of recitation of the Holy Quran and also achieved many awards.

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