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If you like, you can also use the analog stick to control movement.
The gameplay in Teken Dark resurrection Fighting is also spot-on with what you'd expect from the series.
The controls are responsive, though the occasionally tricky diagonals on the f's D pad took an hour or so of getting used to before we could pull off combos and juggles without trouble.
The fighting itself is right in line with previous tekenss games, though there are three characters here that weren't in.
Armor King returns to the lineup, and there are two all-new characters.
Lili is a rich girl with street-fighting skills, and Dragunov is a Russian special forces operative who fights in a sambo style with plenty of powerful strikes.
Both of the new characters fit right into the lineup and seem as deep and interesting as the rest of the cast.
Also, unlike most games, Teken Dark resurrection Fighting starts with the complete cast of 34 characters available,
so you won't have to dig through story mode multiple times to get all of the fighters.
Players who are familiar with the series will be right at home with the available modes,
many of which come from tekenss on the system 2.
In addition to the arcade mode, which lets you unlock crazy prerendered ending videos, there are plenty of submodes,
including a robust practice mode, team battles, time attack, and a quick battle that lets you pick your first opponent.
There's a versus mode that lets two players compete locally over an ad hoc connection,
using the same sort of lobby system that has appeared in previous fighting games.
You can also merge your rankings with other players' rankings, so you can have something to compare your time-attack times against.
The best part of the game is the way it uses artificial intelligence profiles. This is something that appeared in Teken Dark resurrection Fighting,
but the ghost recording system and online options make it more worthwhile here.
Ghosts are profiles that are meant to replicate another player's fighting style.
While it certainly isn't perfect, they do seem to make for more interesting and unpredictable fights than the average fighting AI.
You mainly fight these profiles in the dojo mode.
Here, you move from dojo to dojo, fighting your way to the top of each one by beating these ghost profiles.
The game comes with plenty of ghosts already present, but you can also record your own play to make your own ghost and then share it with your friends locally.
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