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 The Battle of the Samurai 2.9


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Become a hero or die!
The Samurai Battle - BEST MULTI-USER TACTICAL GAME-FILING FOR SAMURAEV for mobile platforms, in which they participate in battles for survival in local and multiplayer games. If you are a samurai, you like samurai fights, samurai fights, or battles involving such characters as: Ronin, Ninja, Combat Monk, Fights: Ninja vs. Samurai, Samurai vs. Monk, Samurai Spoiling Samurai and so on, then you'll be delighted with Game "The Battle of the Samurai - the way of the hero."

Samurai! A lot of enemies are waiting for your death. Kill them all and become a hero.

▶ Fight with the enemies in the LOCAL game, prove that you are the best.
▶ BATTLE IN THE NETWORK GAME with players around the world in the arena, for the title of champion.
▶ CHOOSE THE BOOK AND WEAPONS - create your unique hero.
▶ BUY, REPAIR, IMPROVE - all weapons and armor can be repaired and improved.
▶ UNLOCK THE NEW SKILLS that will be useful in combat.
▶ UNIQUE Tactics of Combat. The battle is not on speed. You have time to anticipate the next blow of the enemy and prepare for him. Honor your own tactics.
▶ Enjoy the enjoyable 3D-GRAPHICS in the samurai game.

The way of the samurai is thorny and difficult - try to pass it.
You live in a quiet village, away from big cities, but the glory of your victories spreads all over Japan. Many strong warriors will want to fight with you. Can you resist, go through all the trials and become a legend?
You will have to pump your skills, buy, repair, improve armor and weapons.
Watch out for karma and many other little things that will affect the outcome of the fight.
Fight with the best warriors of Japan and prove that you are the best samurai.

The battle of the samurai is the way of the hero (this is the battle of the hero). The fighting boils down to predicting the next blow of the enemy. It is this law that usually underlies all martial arts. You have 3 options for attack, in the head, trunk and legs. And also 5 options of protection.
The battle of samurai - the hero's way - is not a large-scale war. A fight is a fight between two fighters. By the way, your opponent may not only be a samurai. At higher levels of the game, you will have to fight, for example, with a ninja. They have their own peculiar tactics of fighting.
Monks also meet in the game. There are 2 types of monks, simple and fighting monks. Simple monks are dangerous in combat, but they have a weak defense.
Samurais in the game are represented by 3 types: official, warrior and ronin.
The official does not differ either by the great skill of battle or heavy armor.
A warrior is a danger that, in addition to good possession of the sword and nodati, is also equipped in heavy armor.
By the way about swords. There are two types of swords in the game, they are katana and nodati.
Ronin - a samurai who lost his master. It is represented in the game as an experienced warrior who has passed many battles and trials.
- Here are just some of the features that await you in the game Battle of the Samurai - the way of the hero (The battle of the samurai is the way of the hero).

Trademark The battle of the samurai is the way of the hero and the copyrights to it belong to the company LycurgGame. Licensed by LycurgGame. All rights reserved.
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