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The Equalizer

Equalizer appthat takes your music and video quality to the next level and enjoy the value all in your phone.
You have the option to pick, test and apply different equalizer presets corresponding to their respective song category (Music Genre).
Alternatively, you could choose to swiftly put together (create) your own preferential preset with its amazing five (5) band equalizer controller after which you can apply it as part of your home-screen widget.
Another plus, will of course be that you would be gettingthe volume boosterfree,the sound equalizerwithin the Equalizer app is extreme effective and refined (sensitive) to your sound preference bringing out the best of sounds from your various smartphone/ tablets/ android devices.

The equalizer has some internally structured and carefully configuredaudio effectsthat it supports for maximum output performance, and they include : It's Bass Booster, the reverberation presets and the virtualizer respectively all combine to give the Equalizer app that slight edge difference between the top one percent (1%) and the bottom ninety-nine percent (99%) which can also be referred to as the "rest of them".
Effectiveness, value and high level experience (being an elite) starts with a decision, a decision starts with commitment, and by far the synergistic commitment that a creative mastermind group provide is in quantum leaps when compared to an individual commitment added.
Well, that is what you get from this wonderful app - the creative power from the like minds of the industry's best developers putting forth distinct and separate thoughts and agreeing on a common goal to produce an equalizer app with absolute refinement, indeed you have at your fingertips the most distilled, the industry's favorite and the best sound quality app (with sound equalizer).

Experience just by the touch of a button the quality of sound adjustments made bythe equalizer app. With it's amazingly fun and friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that is so very easy to navigate, relate to and understand, you will be extremely excited with the various features it offers.
The lightweight capacity of the equalizer app is so awesome. You can get to increase and / or reduce the music/ video volume of your smartphone/ tablet/ android devices to your subjective preference.

The main/ Key features the makesthe Equalizerapp stunning and gives it that smoothvolume loudnesson your device:
• The sound equalizer is extremely easy to use, and the controls are very flexible and fun to navigate.
• The capacity and ability to switch on / off your current booming music player using its volume boost function.
• The equalizer comes with some selected preset equalizer that effectively aids sound boosting for your music video player to get that high quality and truckloads of value (also get the volume booster free).
• The Equalizer app can indeed be called a close to ideal and an expertly structured paradise for the music lovers that just love the rhythmical combination and flow of super quality and value all in a music player, trusting this sound equalizer to deliver you favorite music to you in its most original and purest form.


We proudly but humbly appreciate your honest and valuable support so far.
Don't forget to kindly rate us with a five (5) star, also leave your reviews and in the event of specific questions, issues or complaints, promptly forward them to the customer helpline.
Thank you.
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